Narrative writing – I will grade this on Google Docs- be sure you shared with me- Should be perfect by Monday 10/7

Type final piece in Google Docs. BRING ROUGH DRAFT back to class on Monday. 

Important (you will lose points if you don’t do this)- name your document (period last name, first name)  Ex (7 Watson, Christina).

SHARE it with me at

rough draft *printed- Due – Thursday 10/3- bring a printed copy 

Final copy should be 300-500 words and in MLA format & you follow the rules of punctuation with your dialogue- see sheet below-

Dialogue Rules

Fairytale endings narrative instructions

Choose from one of the following fairytales- (if there is one you really want to explore that is not on here, see me):

  • Cinderella
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Rapunzel
  • Snow White
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Rumple Stiltskin
  • Hansel and Grettle
  • Goldilocks
  • Jack and the Bean Stock
  • The Pied Piper
  • The Emperor’s New Clothes
  • Hans my Hedgehog

Below is a link to all of the stories in their “original” form (in order as seen above)- scroll down until you find your story.  Remember- you will need to have the same characters – maybe repeat something said in the story so you can see the thread of the story tying your new ending together with the old ending.

fairy tales



Fairy tales-new endings.  You will create a new ending to a classic tale.

Begin your ending at the climax.  Your first line will let us know where we are.

There are a few parameters that will be on the rubric:

  1. You must use one of the original versions from my blog or copies (class set- don’t take with you).
  2. You must have dialogue with correct use of quotations marks and punctuation.
  3. It must be in MLA format: 12 font- Times New Roman Double Spaced
  4. 300-500 words (name and title not included)
  5. Begin your narrative with a sentence that allows the reader to know the action you have started from or use an original line from the text.
  6. Keep the story in 3rd person. Keep it in past tense.
  7. Be sure that your details are consistent with plot possibilities and character dialogue is consistent with previous dialogue.
  8. Have fun with this- you will be sharing with your group. The winner of each group goes to the semi-finals!!!  Yes- there is a reward for the winner in each class. (:
  9. You must have a written rough draft that will be written at school and turned in; however, you will be sharing your typed version with me on my gmail-
  10. You must share your document with someone who will edit- they will get a peer edit grade, so they will need to edit your shared doc by Thursday.  They need to write their name at top- as well as any changes they see that need to be made (they will have a list to look for in your paper).
  11. Due date for final typed copied (shared on gmail): Friday, Oct. 4th  Late papers will receive 10 points off per day.

Welcome to 9th lit.

We will be meeting and learning about one another the first weeks.

You will need a composition book for journal writing by August 7th.

Below, you will find my syllabus:

9th LitComp syllabus – Fall 2019

Your summer reading will be explore as early as Aug.6th- If you haven’t read  Refugee by Alan Gratz, do so now and be ready.   It’s a good and rather easy read.  Pay attention to your three main characters. 

One of your first assignments will be to create a “mini me” and be able to explain the symbolism of your choices.  I will give you a template; however, the link below will give you one to work with and print out:


Below are some examples from past years.

mini mes

After your RTI- Take Personality test & Sign up for – by class

First- sign up for through the link assigned to your class.

1st period 9th grade

3rd period 9th grade

7th period 9th lit.

Then- take the personality test on the following link- There is something to fill out responding to your personality results.



The Odyssey – Mythology Unit 4/8-5/16




Below are some resources you may need during our unit.

Below is a link to the move The Odyssey-

Below are the viewing questions for Clash of gods Documentary (seen below)


Below is a link to the History Channel documentary of Odysseus – part two will be the next thread into the YouTube choice.

Below is a great review video over The Odyssey:

Text of The Odyssey:








Drama Unit- Romeo and Juliet- Shakespeare Tavern (10$) Friday 3/22

Test over Romeo and Juliet is Monday, March 25th

Below are the study guides WITH ANSWERS.  Much of the test comes from this guide!

RJ study guide Prologue and Act 1 – 2014- with answers

Romeo and Juliet Act 2 SG- 2014 with answers

Romeo and Juliet Act 3 SG2 – 2014-with answers

Romeo and Juliet Act 4 SG – 2014- with answers

Romeo and Juliet Act 5 SG 2014- with answsers

R & J Project instructions and Rubric- due March 28th

RandJ – Scene Remix Project Instructions

Money for Shakespeare Tavern Due by Thursday- performance is Friday : $10

HW for Tuesday :  News Headlines – one per table- bring in headline and you will decide as a group which one is the best!  Yes…this is a grade.

  • Table 1- Act 1; scene 1 (be sure to capture both the fight and Romeo’s depression) p. 808
  • Table 2- Act 1; scene 2 p.815 Table 6- Act 2; scene 2 p.837
  • Table 3- Act 1; scene 3 p.818 Table 7- Act 2; scene 3 p.844
  • Table 4- Act 1; scene 4 p. 821 Table 8- Act 2; scene 4 p.847
  • Table 5- Act 1; scene 5 p. 824 Table 9- Act 2; scene 5 p. 854


Act 1 & 2 Quiz Monday, March 11th.  Below is the study guide:

Romeo and Juliet Act I and II test review 2015

Below are some YouTube videos that can help you get ready for the quiz Monday:

Iambic Pentameter-

This link will take you to a list of video summaries that will go scene by scene.  Remember, you are quizzed over Act 1 and Act 2:

If you are an actor tomorrow 3/5- read your lines on the link below:

and listen to you lines- (scene five begins around 34:00

HW- drama lit. terms power point- due FRIDAY 3/1


We will begin R & J the week of 2/25 and will have The Shakespeare Tavern coming on March 22nd for a performance.  Kids will join them at 10 AM during school and will watch the play that has been shortened to 60 min.  There is a $10 fee for the in-house fieldtrip.  Money can be given to Me any day before the event.

For more info:

If you miss a day- don’t worry- you can catch up by watching Romeo and Juliet at home with this link:

Or you can listen to it here:

Drama lit. terms currently on VOCAB.COM due March 7th