April & May’s online assignments- choose the assignments that interest you!

For the remainder of the school year, I will be giving you some choices.  We will be diving into MYTHOLOGY and there is so much cool stuff out there.  I know most of us know Greek and Roman mythology the best, but there are amazing stories out there from every corner of the world.  As humans, we have a need to understand the world around us, and mythology has given us stories to help us understand the world and ourselves.

I will give you choices – you may complete as many of the opportunities; however there is a limit of 6 grades (one per week)  The due date for everything is 5/21.  You can turn in one assignment per week or do them all and be done. (:

I will put the assignments on Google Classroom- as usual- but I will also have links here to cool videos and readings.

If you run across some cool videos or links, share them with me and I will post it for everyone.

Also, your projects may also be put up for everyone to see, or listen to, or watch. (:

  1. There is a vocab.com over western mythology (characters, creatures, etc.)  There are a lot of words, but it is cool stuff.
  2. This link- http://moefrosh.weebly.com/mythology.html takes you to Edith Hamilton’s book of Mythology.  It has many stories you have heard of and many you have not.  Choose one of the stories- you have a choice of:                                                                 a. retelling the story through a short film.  You can retell it as the story by acting out as the story is told or by modernizing it (I have an example of how to do this from years past)                                                                                                                                    b. creating a piece of visual depicting the story.                                                                  c. Write an essay discussing the allusions found in our modern world (movies, songs, books, merchandise)  You will retell the story and list at least 5 allusions in our culture. (500 words)
  3. This link takes you to CrashCourse’s World Mythology episodes.                                              https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8dPuuaLjXtNCG9Vq7vdvJytS-F-xGi7_                                                                                                                                                         He goes into many mythologies that we don’t focus on (unfortunately).  He looks at Creation Myths, ideas of Heaven and Hell, Flood stories from around the world….  Choose one of the ideas to research about.  You could focus on one part of the world – Native American mythology, Norse mythology, Chinese mythology….- or you could focus on comparing Creation stories or Flood stories.  Compile your findings and display it on a video or Power Point or….I’m open to all sorts possibilities.                        OR you can watch these TedEd videos of myths from around the world & get inspired                                                                                                                                               https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gjj_-CPxjCM&list=PLJicmE8fK0EjW2AVwcSc4NvGyJJaw7bzh
  4. The Clash of the Gods series from the History Channel is pretty good.  I’m gonna link it here:                                                                                   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zxWh24i7Jc&list=PLUYL8PCuG6bopHDmQNio1nJQpmM5Emt4V                             If you notice it is numbered 1/10- there are 10 episodes in all.  Watch one or all 10.  After watching the Medusa episode- take the Quizziz quiz over that episode.  If you do well, I can count it.  Code to join quiz- 736247
  5. *** new as of 4/26/20     Most of you did some of The Odyssey in 8th grade.  It is an important piece of ancient literature that is referenced in our culture often.  If you didn’t read/ explore it OR if you did but want more…. I am going to post the videos that cover EPICS- (it falls under mythology, but it is unique because the stories are unified and tell a tale of a hero- used to teach how to live a good life).  I am also linking the movie.  I will have some assignments linked for after you learn about Epic Poetry:
  6. CrashCourse video about The Odyssey                                    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MS4jk5kavy4
  7. Ted Ed- two cool videos- one about the importance of the story and how it speaks to all of us – the other about the science and FACT behind some of the stories.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVo225pUaSA
  8. This link goes into the importance of Homer- the person given credit or “writing” The Odyssey– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1e7gy3fsJa8
  9. There is a vocab.com over epic terms and characters in Odyssey.  You can do practice and take quiz if you want.
  10. This link is to the movie of The Odyssey on YouTube.  After watching the above videos about the epic and watching the movie, you can retell the story creatively or you can take a quiz on quizziz- I’ll post quiz later this week.                                          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6S_l12WM_KM&list=PLxp1Pc70gb8R3H_BaHrrEOc3-FYJqiN7K&index=8&t=34s

Online Assignments for March 2020

Zoom meeting 2:30 today- April 3rd

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Meeting ID: 580 821 212

First Screen Cast-



Today’s recording of our Zoom meeting- we discussed the R & J mosaic project, the movie choices to watch and respond, & the parallel novel project (Tuesdays with Morrie, Curious Incident)

Go to Google Classroom to see video of our Zoom meeting


I want everyone to join my Google Calendar- I’m hoping it will be an easy visual for you to see when things are due.  You can also turn on alerts-

1st period calendar


3rd period calendar



7th period calendar



So here we are- in uncharted waters- I’m excited!!!! But I miss you already…seriously.

I am going to use this post to add all assignments…you will need to scroll down to find the day you need to work on.  I will have a week’s worth of work; however, it will be broken down by day.  You can complete the week’s worth if you like, just pay attention to due days because some assignments could “close” or “shut down” and not let you in after the date due.

Join my Google Classroom by class period.  Go to classroom.google.com

Assignments won’t be on the Google Classroom until tomorrow- so see assignments on the blog- below.

To join your class, put in this code:

1st period- m7npmuy

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7th period- m6i5xl4

Join ASAP  I will put assignments both on the blog and in the Google Classroom.  I think you will find it will help keep us both organized.

I will be available from 10-12.  There are a few ways you can reach me for questions:

  1. You can message me in the Google Classroom space.
  2. text me on the remind app if you have joined.  If you haven’t – here is how you can -Text @bdh77g to 81010    After you recieve the first “shout out” then you can text me back on it.
  3. email my school email – christina.watson@cobbk12.org or christinawatson1970@gmail (this is the email you will share any assignments with)
  4. I am working on a way we can talk face to face- I’ll share later.

If there is an assignment- you can share it digitally in Google classroom  or take a picture of it and send it to Google Classroom.

***if you need to join something or download and answer something, I will put these asterisks and say “action needed”.

You may be asked to join a few things – like quizziz- I have links for your to click on to enroll if you scroll down after Monday’s assignment.  I will have a quiz over Romeo and Juliet Acts 1, 2 and 3.  Don’t panic if you don’t do well- quizzes are suppose to be for the teacher to see where her class is- not punish and reward.  I won’t be taking the grade (perhaps participation grade)…so there is no need to cheat. (:

You will still be doing the Romeo and Juliet mosaic, but I made some changes so that you could easily do it digitally copying and pasting images that expresses your analogy.  That project will lead us to a literary analysis paper (don’t worry, it’s a short one).   My goal is to put in your grades on the research papers, and if I find a writing goal for you within the other paper, I want to see improvement in this paper.

Other than the above projects, I want you to answer the questions on the Romeo and Juliet packet- you can print out packet (scroll and find below) or download and type.  You will turn this in eventually.  You can answer Acts 3-5 only.  I know Acts 1-2 are locked away at school. (:

I am going to start with Thursday 3/12 for any who missed the last two days of last week.

Thursday, 3/12– We will be reading and watching Act 2; scene 4-5 and answering questions in packet-

No Fear Shakespeare link to read below-


audio of No Fear below-


video of summary and explanation of Act 2; scene 4


video of summary and explanation of Act 2; scene 5


This link takes you to Mr. Holman reading the act- so good- check it out


*****Take action by printing or copying into Google Docs so you can type answers- – this is the WHOLE packet- but you only have to answer questions on Acts 3-5.

Romeo and Juliet study guide – 2020


Friday, 3/13/20

Keep reading your books!

PDFs of books below-

Tuesdays with Morrie


Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time


I am exempting the quiz from Friday.  I will assign a project for the book you chose.  Details later- But finish the book within these next two weeks.  You have time!!

Romeo and Juliet Project – due April 1st Mosaic- you will use this to brainstorm your paper

I’m going to tweak the “mosaic project” for Romeo and Juliet a bit-

Below is the link to the new instructions.  I will make a screen cast explaining it more or answering questions next week.

***take action by opening the new instructions and save them for later

R & J Mosaic digital version

Below is a lame one I just threw together.  I am also thinking your analogy can be backed up by two quotes and two memes that support it.


you will need an analogy: ________________ is to ________________ like __________________ is to ____________________.  You will also need at least 2 quotes – here’s a good link to some quotes- you can copy and paste- just make sure it supports your analogy.


If you see the assignment on Google Classroom, you will see that I revised the project to include ANY artistic expression of a relationship between two characters in the play.

You can paint, draw, make a collage.

You could have two “Dear Diary entries” or an exchange of text messages that includes quotes & gives us enough dialogue to show the true nature of the relationship.


You can video a scene analyzing a relationship- see the “therapy skit” below

You can make a visual using Power Point or word…bottom line- anything goes as long as you analyze two character’s relationship & include at least two quotes.

Monday- 3/16/20

Shakespeare Tavern is rescheduling their performance.

We are going to move forward with Romeo and Juliet.  I am going to link you to the No Fear Shakespeare for the scenes- as well as link you to some videos that either summarize or perform the scence.

Below is the link to the audio for all of Act 3, 4 &5


This scene today is the CLIMAX- what happens changes everything for the newly married couple. Read Act 3; scene 1


Below is the link to the 1968 version of this scene.  It is in two parts, so make sure you watch the video that follows it.

Watch Act 3; scene 1


Below is link that explains the scene:

Watch below-


Answer the questions on your packet- remember, you only have to answer questions from Acts 3-5

Link for packet is above- AND on the Google classroom.  Open it and DOWNLOAD it- then click “enable editing”- then you can type onto the packet.  Remember, you only have to answer Acts 3-5.

***take action below***

I want you to join my Quiziz classroom.  Join the class with this link by Tuesday- I will post a quiz over Romeo and Juliet Acts 1, 2 & 3 by Tuesday- it will be open to take throughout the week BUT you have to join by Tuesday noon to be able to take it this week!!! Be sure you have completed Act 3 before taking it.

1st period-


3rd period-


7th period-



Tuesday, March 17, 2020

You don’t have to watch this- but it is an interview of the 1968 Romeo and Juliet kinda now- they are both quite stunning still-


This you have to do-     read and watch links below

Act 3; scene 2


Act 3; scene 3


Summary and analysis:



Zefferelli’s Act 3; scene 3


Answer your questions from packet.

Be thinking about which relationship you want to analyze and create an analogy for!!

I will make a video explaining the project more.  I should have it up by the end of the week.

Here is GNN!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Act 3; scene 4


Act 3; scene 5


clip of part of that scene and the second one finishes the scene buy goes into Act 4 (Monday’s assignment)  You can go ahead and watch it & skip to Monday’s reading if you want.



Thursday, March 19, 2020

summary of Act 3-


Take quiz on quiziz- link to your quiz is on Monday’s assignments- quiz over Acts 1 , 2, & 3. Remember- this is for ME to know how you are doing. You will get a participation grade!!

Friday, March 20, 2020

Read or listen to your novel.  I will be sending out the assignment that will be your final test over it at the end of next week.  Links to pdfs and audiobooks can be found above.

Monday, March 23, 2020

video clip of Act 4; scene 2


Act 4; scene 1


Act 4; scene 2


summary of scene one-


summary of scene two-


Answer your questions in your packet- don’t procrastinate!

Tuesday March 23, 2020

Act 4 scene 3-


here is a stage production of this scene- it is my favorite soliloquy!


Act 4 scene 4- not an important scene-


Act 4 scene 5-


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Act 5; scenes 1 & 2


Thursday, March 26, 2020

Act 5; scene 3 – the final scene- it’s a doozey


I know the quality is terrible but, I want you to see the last scene- it leaves out two deaths..see if you can see who doesn’t die in this version-


Now you can finish your question packet- not due until Tuesday, March 31st

Friday, March 27, 2020

Read your parallel- look at the project for it- on Google Classroom- due Friday, April 3rd

Also- You need to create your analogy that you will be creating your mosaic around.  I will have a screencast to explain it in detail.

In the past, kids have created video (reenactments or parodies) or Romeo and Juliet.  Here is a compilation of favorites I have found online- a good way to be pondering which relationship you want to explore in your mosaic and enventually, paper:



Monday, March 30  Watching movie of choice below and answering questions due March 31st by midnight

I found three free movies (not the best quality, so if you can find the same movie elsewhere or your parents wanna rent and watch with you- do it for quality sake). There are separate questions for each movie- you only have to do ONE!
If you want to watch a traditional version (some updates), watch the 2013 version staring Douglas Booth and Hailee Steinfeld.
If you love theater and musicals, watch Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story- a modern adaption of Romeo and Juliet in New York City- lots of music and dancing!
If you love parodies and cartoons, watch Gnomeo and Juliet! See how many references to other Shakespearean plays you can see hidden in there!

Romeo & Juliet 2013 link to movie on YouTube


question sheet on Google Classroom

West Side Story – pretty decent version


question sheet on Google Classroom

Gnomeo and Juliet on YouTube- pretty rough version but you can do it if you have to…


question sheet on Google Classroom




Romeo and Juliet Bring $5 for Shakespeare Tavern visit on March 16th – calendar schedule at bottom of page

Below is a link to my R&J folder with lots of videos about Shakespeare- drama lit. terms- audio of the play- versions of the play- and much more-


The link below takes you to summaries to each act-


Drama lit. terms quiz 3/5/20

Drama Literary Terms

Calendar of reading & quizzes-

Monday- 3/2: Read Act 1; scene 1 – answer p. 1 of packet- HW- read your parallel novel (Curious Incident with the dog in the night-time OR Tuesdays with Morrie)-

Curious Incident with the dog in the night-time



audiobook of Curious Incident…-


Tuesdays with Morrie-



1st half of book – audiobook-



Tuesday, March 3- read Act 1; scenes 2-3 answer p. 2 of packet-we will view both versions to meet our Romeo and Juliet.

Wednesday, March 4- review Drama lit. terms (see attachment above)  Act 1; scene 4- draw Queen Mab using descriptions from Mercutio’s monologue.

Thursday- DRAMA LIT QUIZ (vocab.com has most of them & you have a sheet with terms – or see above).   Assign parts for “party scene” Act 1; scene 5-


first Servingman

second servingman

Capulet cousin

Lord Capulet








Research project- paper due 2/14 by midnight- share to christinawatson1970@gmail.com Vocab.com over research terms due 2/12

Wednesday Feb. 5- we will be in room 307

Create a new Google document-

You will create the Works Cited Page today

Open your Google Doc with links in new tab

go to


it should say MLA8

Copy and past each link hit “Search”

Click “Cite”

It will tell you “here’s what we have” and “here’s what we need”  If you can put information in that is needed, hit edit and do so- if not, click “

Click until citation comes to “this is what is missing”  See if you can add any info. it couldn’t capture.  Then click “Continue” and “Complete Citation”

Click on the three dots and choose “Export” to Google Doc (be sure you have one open)


Do all of the links you think you will use- you can delete the ones you don’t use

Works Cited Page will be the last page of your paper


Calendar below:

2/28- create a Google Doc- name it (period last name)- (1 Watson)  Copy and past at least 5 links with info. from each link that you copied and pasted.  Share it with me: Christinawatson1970@gmail.com

1/30- you should have at least 5 approved links WITH info. under each link- you can copy and paste info. or summarize, but the info. must be with the link- that is the only way we can cite your sources.

Friday 1/31– You will be doing a webquest- you will be given a copy of what needs to be filled out.  You will go to this website to fill it out:


the above link will allow you to answer the first questions over MLA format.

The link below will take you to the info. concerning plagiarism:


We will be going over the due dates- You will format your MLA Style paper using this tutorial from Mrs. Zonin in the learning commons- (use your ear buds if you can)


After your paper is formated (spacing, font, ….) you will craft your first paragraph.  Copy your thesis statement down on the sheet I give you and return in it for a grade.  Remember the rules for an introductory paper:

First sentence  must be BROAD- perhaps about conspiracy theories and their palace in our society.

Second /third sentence- Introduce the conspiracy theory you will be discussing with a BREIF summary.(summarize in one to  two sentences).

last sentence- without details, give us the THESIS/Claim- “The moon landing’s questionable images that lead people to doubt it’s occurrence can be explained through Nasa’s account of construction and filming of the event.”

Share this new doc with me at :


Title it “period last name final paper”

Monday, Feb. 3rd– we will be with the counselors doing schedules for next year. My classes should meet directly in the Learning Commons!

Tuesday, Feb. 4th– rm 307 we will begin putting your body paragraphs together using the technique of “tidide”  See power point below.

tidide-writing-1 (3)

You must write your rough draft in your research packets before typing – choose at least 4 quotes from your sources.

Wednesday, Feb. 5th- rm 307

You can type your paper after your written rough draft is completed.

Thursday, Feb. 6th – room 307


conclusion paragraphs

Wednesday, Feb. 12th– room 307

You must print out your rough draft for tomorrow’s edit session

Thursday, Feb. 13th– Research Objective test- see review sheet in your packet.

Friday, Feb. 14th- room 307– print out final paper with rubric stapled on top.


Below takes you to the instructions and rubric

9th Grade Research Paper

Below are some links you may want to use to look for a conspiracy theory you want to DEBUNK- not argue for!!




You must get your topic APPROVED by me and your parents!  Remember that there are some that are on my forbidden list.  (:

Research must be done on Google Scholar-





Microsoft academic-




Dates of quizzes, tests & midterms

The Nonfiction test will be over the terms you were quizzed over AND analysis of the following speeches:






Nonfiction Review Sheet 2019

ppt with terms –


7 Habits quiz over pp. 1-128 (habits 1, 2 & 3)

review sheet-

7 Habits Review for quiz 2

PDF of book is on a previous blog entry

audiobook of the adult version (same 7 habits) can be listened to here:


Nonfiction unit & 7 Habits & Photo Essay & journals for Aug.- Nov.

7 habits final over the whole book is Friday, Dec. 13!

Here is the study guide:

7 habits final 2019

Here is a link to the audio of the adult version- should be fine for you to get through test-


pdf of book-


They just go to the Cobb website and click O365 to get logged in.  If they need their login info, here’s that….

If you put your photo essay on your 365 Account, you can access it at home!

https://streamingcobb.cobbk12.org/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?id=67bb4173-4e30-4300-93ff-de50fd29aa90&start=28.656311 (This video takes them step by step)

quiz over nonfiction terms 11/20- CANCELED

quiz over nonfiction terms 12/4 – rescheduled (terms below on ppt & puzzle)

nonfiction TEST 12/10


Nonfiction puzzle – 2017 – other terms to know – final draft

Above is the link to the power point.  Fill out your notes using this power point.

link to 7 Habits for Highly Effective Teens PDF:


Quiz schedule-

quiz 1 (part 1 pp 1-28) : 11/19

quiz 2 (habits 1, 2, &3): 12/7

Test over whole book: 12/13



photo essay instructions

Due dates – have photos in google drive by Friday 11/15

you will begin to write your paragraphs on Friday and continue until Thursday 11/21 (you can print out your three slides on this day).

Printed copy of your three slides due on Friday 11/22

Use Google Slides to create photo essay.  You only need 3 slides- see sheet below-

Blueprint for photo essay

Link to journal topics for Aug. – Nov.

journal topics from August – November




Graphic novels- quiz over graphic novel terms Thursday 10/31

Test over terms 10/31.  These are the terms:

comic terminology handout

Graphic novel terminology with example

Graphic Novel Terms.docxMaus PDF-

Below is the link to the audiobook on YouTube of Maus- It’s the best way to read it from home!


Below is the PDF of Maus-


Persepolis PDF- it has both part 1 (the book we have in class AND book 2- not requited but awesome…it could take the place of one of the other books).


American Born Chinese audiobook from YouTube-


I can’t find a pdf at this time.  If you find one, send me the link.

Questions over each- turn in as you finish each one.

Maus- answer every question

During Reading Questions for MAUS I

Persepolis questions – answer TWO questions for each chapter

Get them from me- sorry

American Born Chinese (ABC)- answer (at most) 4 questions for each chapter



Some videos about Graphic Novels-

Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud-

Chapter 1


Chapter 2- we read this one in class


Chapter 3