Graphic novels- quiz over graphic novel terms Thursday 10/31

Test over terms 10/31.  These are the terms:

comic terminology handout

Graphic novel terminology with example

Graphic Novel Terms.docxMaus PDF-

Below is the link to the audiobook on YouTube of Maus- It’s the best way to read it from home!

Below is the PDF of Maus-

Persepolis PDF- it has both part 1 (the book we have in class AND book 2- not requited but awesome…it could take the place of one of the other books).

American Born Chinese audiobook from YouTube-

I can’t find a pdf at this time.  If you find one, send me the link.

Questions over each- turn in as you finish each one.

Maus- answer every question

During Reading Questions for MAUS I

Persepolis questions – answer TWO questions for each chapter

Get them from me- sorry

American Born Chinese (ABC)- answer (at most) 4 questions for each chapter



Some videos about Graphic Novels-

Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud-

Chapter 1

Chapter 2- we read this one in class

Chapter 3


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