Next parallel novel- The curious incident with the dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon

You may want to purchase the book; however, I do have a link to a pdf below:


See the source image






New due dates!- Wed. morning study session over The Alchemist!

Alchemist Test over the ENTIRE book (yes, Epilogue too) is now Thursday, Feb. 7th- the pdf and audiobook are on my blog in an earlier post. I will give you a review sheet Mon. Feb. 3rd.- I will have a study hall for anyone who READ the book AND comes to my room BEFORE 7:55 on Wednesday, Feb. 6th.  Your ticket in the door is a sheet of paper with at least THREE specific questions concerning The Alchemist.  I will ANSWER all of your questions.  Don’t come if you didn’t read it!

Rough draft due Tuesday, Feb. 4th.- 10 % off each day late! will be printed Tuesday at 3:00.

Final paper due Thursday, Feb. 14th.