Due Dates- I will add to this post – vocab.com & lit. terms quiz

Vocab.com – “Cask of Amontillado” due 9/19

HW passes given if you go to pep rally and game (take a selfie at game and send to christinawatson1970@gmail.com

Quiz over short story lit. terms Thursday 9/20- see power point on blog

Vocab.com- short story terms due 9/5

Anthem final test – Thursday, Sept. 6th- I will have a study guide.  Visit Anthem post for copy of book, summary link and audio.

Anthem terms sheet- review this for test on Thursday-

terms to know for Anthem test


Anthem- audio & pdf- question packet- Test on Tuesday, Sept. 3rd

Below is the link to the graphic novel of Anthem-



Above is a link to Shmoop’s review summary pages.  If you didn’t do well on the quiz, you may want to read the chapter summaries of ch. 1-7.

We will read Anthem in class (perhaps a few chapters outside- see audiobook and pdf below):




Question packet-

Anthem study guide blank

Before Monday, do the following-

Finish your Mini Me- template and examples on previous post

IF you didn’t finish and turn in your personality test response sheet, do so.

Join my remind- codes below:

Join my Remind!

On your phone-

text to the # – 81010


1st period – @ghe9d

2nd period- @e7h3cff

3rd period- @9th2

4th period- @9th4th

7th period- @9th7t

 If you have not finished your summer reading book- do so.  You will need to bring your book (digital copies are ok) on the day of the constructive response (possibly Friday).

Be sure you have logged into Vocabulary.com through the link next to your class period (found on last blog entry).  There is one assignment to be completed by Wednesday.

Next Friday’s spirit day (Aug. 10th) is Space Day!  You can think “astronaut” or “alien”.