Multi-Genre Paper- final paper due 4/13

Below is a link to show you how to create Hanging Indentions in your Google Doc.

We have been working on our research projects (student chose topic).

Below is a link to the basic requirements:

multi-genre instructions

The paper needs to be on a Google Doc. that is shared with me at-

Below are links to some of the resources I gave out to help build your body paragraphs:

Body paragraph outline (2 paragraphs)

Below are some great YouTube videos to help with this process:

Upcoming quizzes

Drama lit. terms quiz- Friday, March 16th

the terms below will  be on the quiz

diction             dramatic structure           symbol               dialogue     

classical allusion   iambic pentameter        monologue      foil character
mood             Shakespearean tragedy     soliloquy        meter
pun                Shakespearean comedy    couplet          blank verse
plot            universal theme                    drama          aside


Curious Incident with the Dog  in the Night-time quiz Thursday, March 22nd

over- chapters 97-131   pp. 24-39 on PDF