Monday’s narrative writing assignment- share with me on Google Doc-

This writing must be in a Google Doc.

Share it with me:    Put your name and period in the message box.

Once chosen, you will write an ending for the tale from the point of climax.  You may do this in two ways:

  1. You may continue in the point of view and create a new ending .
  2. You may retell the original ending but retell from another point of view.

There is a word document attached that has all of the stories in their original plot- warning: they differ GREATLY from film versions- especially Disney!  You must continue the story from the story given to you.

You may brainstorm or write a rough draft over the weekend; however, you may simply come in knowing your choice and write on the spot.

The writing piece must be 300-500 words.  Because it is such a short piece, you do need to organize your plan before you start typing.

The original stories are found on this document (scroll down to find the one you want to use):

fairy tales

Fairytale endings- changing perspective, resolution or both.

Begin your ending at the climax.  Your first line will let us know where we are.

There are a few parameters that will be on the rubric:

  1. You must use one of the original versions from my blog or copies (class set- don’t take with you).
  2. You must have dialogue with correct use of quotations marks and punctuation.
  3. It must be in MLA format: 12 font- Times New Roman Double Spaced
  4. 300-500 words (name and title not included)
  5. Begin your narrative with a sentence that allows the reader to know the action you have started from or use an original line from the text.
  6. The story can remain in 3rd person if you are changing ending only. It must shift to 1st person if you are telling from a character’s perspective.
  7. Be sure that your details are consistent with plot possibilities and character dialogue is consistent with previous dialogue.
  8. Have fun with this- you will be sharing with your group. The winner of each group goes to the semi-finals!!!  Yes- there is a reward for the winner in each class. (:
  9. If you do not finish- you must share with me- in order to work on it at home.

Dialogue Rules- this sheet can clear up some questions.

Dialogue Rules


The following are the fairytales to chose from:


Little Red Riding Hood (Little Red Cap)

Hansel and Gretel


Sleeping Beauty (Little Brier-Rose)

Little Snow- White


Jack and the Beanstalk

Hans- My- Hedgehog

The Emperor’s New Clothes

The Pied Piper

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Short Story Summative Thurs. 9/19/19

Short Story lit. terms quiz Wednesday.  The following terms will be on the quiz-

Short Story literary terms -PowerPoint – 2016

Watson- Short Story Review Sheet 2017     

The test will have questions over “Cask of Amontillado”, “Scarlet Ibis” & “Marigolds”- all of these can be found on my blog in PDF or audiobook form.

The definitions of these terms found on p.6 of workbook will be on the test-

Diction- word choice intended to convey a certain effect.

Syntax- Sentence structure; the arrangement of the words & the order of grammatical elements in a sentence.

Juxtaposition- arrangement of two or more things –

“Cask of Amontillado”- summary-

“The Scarlet Ibis”- HILARIOUS student made film (and pretty accurate)

This is a lovely retelling of “Scarlet Ibis”



I found this movie that is true to the story!

Here is the story read and analyzed: