Tuesday’s summative essay

Tuesday, August 29th you will be given a piece of work and asked to answer a prompt and use evidence from Fahrenheit 451, Anthem and the piece given.  It’s a bit like a DBQ.  You guys are great at this!  You can bring your Fahrenheit 451 but you do not need it necessarily.

Thesis/ claim- this will be your answer to the prompt given.

(Mention the names of the three pieces in your claim)

You need at least one example/ concrete detail (quote, event, situation reflecting your thesis/ claim) from each source.  Only ONE of those details must be direct quote- the others can be an events from the last two sources.

This is a summative grade!  I know you will do a great job.

I’ll go over an example in the beginning of class.  DO NOT fret about this tonight!



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Type in the access code given to you by your teacher.

– 1st period – ZYFPTE

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