The Odyssey- Mythology Unit- more than you probably need. (:

Below you should find all you need to keep up or review the unit.

Here’s a link to the movie we watch in class:

Background info.:

You can fill out these notes (lecture 2/16) by watching these lectures on youtube:


Watch all three parts for LOTS of good stuff about the Trojan War!

Summaries of The Odyssey:

Odyssey text- here you can read along with the textbook as a teacher reads all of the stories of Odysseus in your textbook- this is a link to “The Cyclops” story, but you will see all of the sections as choices on side panel.

Below is the PDF for The Odyssey from textbook:

Underworld documentary (History Channel)


Research Paper

Here are the terms defined for Monday’s, 2/13 quiz:


Wednesday’s Summative test- review sheet:


Here are some resources for the research process.

Example Paper:


Remember, you will need to know the terms (quiz on 2/10)

Paper will be written in class- due 2/16