Tuesdays with Morrie due dates: book to be completed by 10/18

Curriculum, Syllabus and Student   9/7

Audiovisual, Orientation, Classroom  9/12

Taking Attendance, First Tuesday, 2nd Tuesday  9/16

3rd Tues., Audiovisual Part 2, Professor 9/21

4th Tues., 5th Tues., 6th Tues.  10/4

Professor Part 2, 7th Tues., 8th Tues., 9th Tues.  10/7

10th Tues., 11th Tues., The Audiovisual Part 3  10/11

12th Tues., 13th Tues., 14th Tues.  10/14

Graduation, Conclusion, Afterward  10/18

Coat of arms- due 9/9

Have at least three RELEVANT symbols for your crest.


a “motto”

what’s a motto?

nothing…what’s a motto with you?

hee hee…seriously, a motto can be something you say often, a line from a song or a didactic verse that somehow speaks of truth to YOU.