Join your classes -1st assignment (Anthem words) due Thur. 8/29.

Join my – assignment can be completed after you take the personality test- link below-

1st period 9th lit.


3rd period 9th lit.


7th period 9th lit.



After your RTI- Take Personality test & Sign up for – by class

First- sign up for through the link assigned to your class.

1st period 9th grade

3rd period 9th grade

7th period 9th lit.

Then- take the personality test on the following link- There is something to fill out responding to your personality results.



The Odyssey – Mythology Unit 4/8-5/16




Below are some resources you may need during our unit.

Below is a link to the move The Odyssey-

Below are the viewing questions for Clash of gods Documentary (seen below)


Below is a link to the History Channel documentary of Odysseus – part two will be the next thread into the YouTube choice.

Below is a great review video over The Odyssey:

Text of The Odyssey:








Drama Unit- Romeo and Juliet- Shakespeare Tavern (10$) Friday 3/22

Test over Romeo and Juliet is Monday, March 25th

Below are the study guides WITH ANSWERS.  Much of the test comes from this guide!

RJ study guide Prologue and Act 1 – 2014- with answers

Romeo and Juliet Act 2 SG- 2014 with answers

Romeo and Juliet Act 3 SG2 – 2014-with answers

Romeo and Juliet Act 4 SG – 2014- with answers

Romeo and Juliet Act 5 SG 2014- with answsers

R & J Project instructions and Rubric- due March 28th

RandJ – Scene Remix Project Instructions

Money for Shakespeare Tavern Due by Thursday- performance is Friday : $10

HW for Tuesday :  News Headlines – one per table- bring in headline and you will decide as a group which one is the best!  Yes…this is a grade.

  • Table 1- Act 1; scene 1 (be sure to capture both the fight and Romeo’s depression) p. 808
  • Table 2- Act 1; scene 2 p.815 Table 6- Act 2; scene 2 p.837
  • Table 3- Act 1; scene 3 p.818 Table 7- Act 2; scene 3 p.844
  • Table 4- Act 1; scene 4 p. 821 Table 8- Act 2; scene 4 p.847
  • Table 5- Act 1; scene 5 p. 824 Table 9- Act 2; scene 5 p. 854


Act 1 & 2 Quiz Monday, March 11th.  Below is the study guide:

Romeo and Juliet Act I and II test review 2015

Below are some YouTube videos that can help you get ready for the quiz Monday:

Iambic Pentameter-

This link will take you to a list of video summaries that will go scene by scene.  Remember, you are quizzed over Act 1 and Act 2:

If you are an actor tomorrow 3/5- read your lines on the link below:

and listen to you lines- (scene five begins around 34:00

HW- drama lit. terms power point- due FRIDAY 3/1


We will begin R & J the week of 2/25 and will have The Shakespeare Tavern coming on March 22nd for a performance.  Kids will join them at 10 AM during school and will watch the play that has been shortened to 60 min.  There is a $10 fee for the in-house fieldtrip.  Money can be given to Me any day before the event.

For more info:

If you miss a day- don’t worry- you can catch up by watching Romeo and Juliet at home with this link:

Or you can listen to it here:

Drama lit. terms currently on VOCAB.COM due March 7th

New due dates!- Wed. morning study session over The Alchemist!

Alchemist Test over the ENTIRE book (yes, Epilogue too) is now Thursday, Feb. 7th- the pdf and audiobook are on my blog in an earlier post. I will give you a review sheet Mon. Feb. 3rd.- I will have a study hall for anyone who READ the book AND comes to my room BEFORE 7:55 on Wednesday, Feb. 6th.  Your ticket in the door is a sheet of paper with at least THREE specific questions concerning The Alchemist.  I will ANSWER all of your questions.  Don’t come if you didn’t read it!

Rough draft due Tuesday, Feb. 4th.- 10 % off each day late! will be printed Tuesday at 3:00.

Final paper due Thursday, Feb. 14th.


Research papers – due date: 2/14- Test over RESEARCH RULES 2/13 (see below)

Review sheet & terms filled out-

Research Terminology Filled Out

Review Sheet for Research Paper Components Unit

You need to know the sequence of info. for entry on works cited (Easybib did it for you- but if you had to do it by hand, you would list all this below (punctuation too)


See the source image

You need to have your works cited page typed on your google doc. by 1/31.  Below are instructions of how to create a hanging indention on your works cited page.

how to setup the works cited page

MLA format-


Below is the info. on this year’s research paper-

the research paper – guidelines – 2019

You will have a packet at school with all of the “stuff” you need- BUT…here are some of what is in your packet (in case you need another)=

research paper outline for rough draft

Below is the sheet for evaluating your sources-

crapp test worksheet


research paper – technical writing – rubric – 2018 (003)

The Alchemist: pdf, audio, quiz dates

1/11/19- after SRI, take the following tests and record your findings in your journal. over Alchemist is due 1/17- those terms will be on the final Alchemist test.

Below is a free pdf of the book:

Below leads you to an audio version of the book:

Reading assignments:

Part one quiz- Jan. 22nd

Anthem- audio & pdf- question packet- Test on Tuesday, Sept. 3rd

Below is the link to the graphic novel of Anthem-

Above is a link to Shmoop’s review summary pages.  If you didn’t do well on the quiz, you may want to read the chapter summaries of ch. 1-7.

We will read Anthem in class (perhaps a few chapters outside- see audiobook and pdf below):


Question packet-

Anthem study guide blank

Short Story Summative Thurs. 9/19/19

Short Story lit. terms quiz Wednesday.  The following terms will be on the quiz-

Short Story literary terms -PowerPoint – 2016

Watson- Short Story Review Sheet 2017     

The test will have questions over “Cask of Amontillado”, “Scarlet Ibis” & “Marigolds”- all of these can be found on my blog in PDF or audiobook form.

The definitions of these terms found on p.6 of workbook will be on the test-

Diction- word choice intended to convey a certain effect.

Syntax- Sentence structure; the arrangement of the words & the order of grammatical elements in a sentence.

Juxtaposition- arrangement of two or more things –

“Cask of Amontillado”- summary-

“The Scarlet Ibis”- HILARIOUS student made film (and pretty accurate)

This is a lovely retelling of “Scarlet Ibis”



I found this movie that is true to the story!

Here is the story read and analyzed:


Midterm – this week!

Review sheet!  –

Watson- study guide for midterm 2018

7 Habits for Highly Effective Teens will be on the final- just the basics about each habit.

Below is a link to a summary of his dad’s book- but they are the same habits!

Anthem by Ayn Rand- I found this graphic novel (in movie form)- so cool.

We will have a questions over the short stories and terms.

study your terms from this power point-


“Cask of Amontillado” by Poe



“The Scarlet Ibis”

audio is in 3 parts-

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

“Marigolds” – you will read this when we return from break.- quiz Tuesday (10/2)

MLA rules will be on test

Setting up MLA format on Google Doc

Nonfiction terms will be on test


Graphic novel terms and American Born Chinese will be on test


Welcome to 9th lit.

We will be meeting and learning about one another the first weeks.

You will need a composition book for journal writing by August 7th.

Below, you will find my syllabus:

9th LitComp syllabus – Fall 2019

Your summer reading will be explore as early as Aug.6th- If you haven’t read  Refugee by Alan Gratz, do so now and be ready.   It’s a good and rather easy read.  Pay attention to your three main characters. 

One of your first assignments will be to create a “mini me” and be able to explain the symbolism of your choices.  I will give you a template; however, the link below will give you one to work with and print out:


Below are some examples from past years.

mini mes