We will read Anthem in class (perhaps a few chapters outside- see audiobook and pdf below):



Before Monday, do the following-

Finish your Mini Me- template and examples on previous post

IF you didn’t finish and turn in your personality test response sheet, do so.

Join my remind- codes below:

Join my Remind!

On your phone-

text to the # – 81010


1st period – @ghe9d

2nd period- @e7h3cff

3rd period- @9th2

4th period- @9th4th

7th period- @9th7t

 If you have not finished your summer reading book- do so.  You will need to bring your book (digital copies are ok) on the day of the constructive response (possibly Friday).

Be sure you have logged into through the link next to your class period (found on last blog entry).  There is one assignment to be completed by Wednesday.

Next Friday’s spirit day (Aug. 10th) is Space Day!  You can think “astronaut” or “alien”.



Self Discovery- use these links

The RTI link is on your computer screen-

Link to the personality test that gives you info. for you to fill out your sheet is found here:

to sign up for

1st period link-

2nd period link-

3rd period link-

4th period link-

7th period link-



Poetry work- we will do this in class (5/16) unless you need to film tomorrow

If you don’t have a poem picked out, below are some links to some of my favorites:’s-A-Stage

Below is the sheet of notes that must be filled out:

Poetry Terms PPT Notes9th Lit – blank note sheet

Below is the link to the power point needed to fill out above sheet:

Poetry Terms PPT 2015

Below is the assignment

Poetry Assignment



EOC- Wed. & Thurs. (May 2-3)


Morning testing (EAT breakfast):

1st period- Learning Commons- Wireless Lab

2nd period- Room 78

3rd – Room 313

Afternoon testing (EAT 4th period Lunch)

4th- Learning Commons

6th- Room 312

7th – Room 78

The following links will take you to some places to help with strategies for the test-

Reading Comprehension Terms:

This link takes you to the Ga. Dept. of Ed.- all the practice stuff they put out!

Research Process Test 4/19

Research Terminology Filled Out

You will also need to know the following:

MLA format- Modern Language Association- preferred by English teachers/ professors.

font- 12 pt.

Double Spaced

Header on right- last name and page #

Put Authors ideas, words or facts in quotation marks.

In-text citation/ parenthetical documentation used for all information gathered from a source.

Evaluate your sources by asking these questions:

  1. Is the author biased?
  2. Does the author have credentials?
  3. Is the article too old to still be relevant?

Works Cited Page must be last page, alphabetized and have hanging indentions.

Transition words: in addition, however, on the other hand….